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Celebrating 50 Years of Business Making Car & Truck Exhaust Systems – 1960 to 2010


Waldron’s Exhaust manufactures exhaust systems for cars and truck built from the early 1900’s through the 1980’s. 

Waldron’s Exhaust makes each exhaust system according to patterns and dimensional data to produce OEM style exhaust systems for / classic cars & / classic trucks focusing on fit, look and sound. 

Repeat customers and referrals continue to represent a large part of our business.  Waldron’s Exhaust’s complete exhaust systems are guaranteed to fit. 


We ship worldwide. 






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Don’t see your car or truck listed but have existing pipes or know your muffler dimensions?  Call Waldron’s Exhaust to see if we can duplicate your pipes.  Waldron’s Exhaust can reproduce most round or oval mufflers. 



Don’t need a complete exhaust system for your truck or car? Just looking for exhaust pipes, Y pipes, H pipes, Mufflers, resonator, tailpipes in aluminized steel or stainless steel? 

Call:  800-503-9428

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email to waldron@waldronexhaust.com



Waldron’s Exclusive Kits


Flathead Ford V8 Dual Exhaust Conversion Kits for:
36-53 Ford cars 


39-53 Mercury 


35-41 / 48-53 Ford Trucks 


Ford Mustang 6 cyl Dual Exhaust Conversion Kits with Classic Inlines headers (Order from Classicinlines.com)  


53-55 Buick 8 cyl Dual Exhaust Conversion Kits 


49-55 Oldsmobile 8 cyl Dual Exhaust Conversion Kits 


In celebration of the upcoming Holidays, Waldron’s will be closing Christmas Eve, December 24th, at 11:00AM and will re-open Monday, December 29th then closing New Years Eve at 12:00 EST and

re-opening on Friday, January 2nd.

May you have a peaceful and joyful Holiday Season

and a Happy New Year!
Warm Wishes from All of Us at Waldron’s Exhaust, LLC



Due to a high volume of orders, Waldron’s Exhaust currently has a lead time of 5-6 weeks.



On-Line Catalog of Complete Exhaust Systems

OEM style exhaust systems for cars and trucks consisting of H pipes, Y pipes, exhaust pipes, mufflers, resonators and tailpipes in aluminized steel and stainless steel.  Complete systems are Guaranteed to fit!

Order Waldron’s Exhaust complete exhaust systems or mufflers on line and pay via PayPal.   Make to order.  Ship to your address worldwide within 3-4 weeks. 


Most models through 1980’s – Complete Systems


AMC - Nash - Rambler - Buick  (all) - Riviera - Cadillac - Chevrolet (all) - Camaro - Chevelle - Malibu - Chevy ll - Nova - Chevrolet Truck - El Camino - Chrysler (all) - New Yorker - 300 - Newport - Imperial - DeSoto - Dodge - Dart - Challenger - Edsel - Ford (all) - Galaxie - Fairlane - Torino - Mustang - Falcon- Ford Truck- GMC - Hudson - Jeep - Jeepster - Lincoln - Mercury (all) - Comet - Cougar - Oldsmobile (all) - Cutlass / 442 - Plymouth (all) - Belvedere- Fury - Valiant - Pontiac (all)  - GTO  - LeMans - Firebird 


Many vehicles – Complete Systems

Bantam - Durant - Franklin - Graham - Hupmobile - International - Scout - Kaiser - Frazier - Kissell - Marmon - Maxwell - Packard - Pierce - REO - Studebaker - Studebaker Truck - Willys Truck- Willys - Whippet - Knight



Mufflers and Resonators  Accessories / Options  NOS at On-Line Swap Meet

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1963-65 Buick Riviera Set of 6 OE Style Hangers


1963-65 Buick Riviera Set of 6 OE Style Hangers


Waldron's Exhaust now builds this set of 6 OE style hangers. Order yours today!





1935-36 Auburn Supercharged 8 cyl Aluminized Steel

1935-36 Auburn Supercharged 8 cyl Aluminized Steel


This exhaust system consists of the exhaust pipe assembly with flex wrap, muffler and tailpipe.

In building these systems, we will need the cast iron flange sent to us. 

Please be certain to provide us with the model number, serial number and engine number.

For systems requiring pipes 2" and up, we use 14 gauge aluminized steel tubing. For pipes less than 2" we use 16 gauge aluminized steel tubing. Mufflers are also constructed of aluminized steel, for longer life. 


1950-55 Chevy 1/2T-1T Inline 6 w/Fenton Header Dual Conv. AL

1950-55 Chevy 1/2T-1T Inline 6 w/Fenton Header Dual Conv. AL


If you have an Inline 6 cylinder engine in your 1950-55 Chevy truck and have always wanted a dual exhaust system then this listing is for you! This system is a direct fit to your Fenton Chevy 6 cyl Headers. *Please note that the system does not include the Fenton headers. 

This dual conversion kit consists of LS/RS exhaust pipes, dual in/dual out muffler and LS/RS tailpipes in aluminized steel.

For systems requiring pipes 2" and up, we use 14 gauge aluminized steel tubing. For pipes less than 2" we use 16 gauge aluminized steel tubing. Mufflers are also constructed of aluminized steel, for longer life. 


1963-65 Ford Fairlane Dual Exhaust A & K codes

1956-57 Mark II Dual Exhaust System Aluminized Steel



This system contains LS/RS exhaust pipes with stainless steel flex wrap, LS/RS resonator pipes, LS/RS over-axle pipes with balance tube, LS/RS mufflers and LS/RS tailpipes.

For systems requiring pipes 2" and up, we use 14 gauge aluminized steel tubing. For pipes less than 2" we use 16 gauge aluminized steel tubing. Mufflers are also constructed of aluminized steel, for longer life. 



1963-65 Ford Fairlane Dual Exhaust A & K codes

1963-65 Ford Fairlane Dual Exhaust A & K codes 


If you have the stock 260, 289 or HiPo 289 with single exhaust but would like to change it to a dual exhaust system, this is the system for you!

Available in Aluminized Steel or Stainless Steel


For more information about this, please read Bob Mannel’s article ( Click Here )


A-Code Info. ( Click Here )



Dual Exhaust

Dual exhaust system for 1957 and 1958 Chrysler 300C/D coupes


The system is available in aluminized steel or T409 stainless steel. Customers who already have the correct mufflers can purchase the pipe kit that fits the original OEM mufflers.



“Arvinode” Dual Exhaust System Arvinode Dual Exhaust System



Our reproduction of the original, “Arvinode” dual exhaust system is now available. This system fits all 64-66 289 Mustangs with dual exhaust.


Learn More/Watch & Listen




new Products
Waldron’s Driver Controlled Exhaust (DCE) muffler.

DCE Award Press Release (PDF)


Driver Controlled Exhaust (DCE) muffler






Troy, Michigan - Waldron’s Exhaust won a HOTROD & RESTORATION award for 2008 Best New Product in the Restoration Category. The award recognizes a product that “demonstrates unique/innovative technology and/or benefit to the street rod or restoration industry.” The winning product was Waldron’s new VOE-2 muffler system, a unique two-way muffler that allows the driver to control the vehicle’s loudness. Joe Tonietto, President of Waldron’s, said, “We are very proud of this award. Being selected by our industry counterparts is a true honor.”



Provides the driver with dual-mode control of an internal bypass BUILT INTO THE MUFFLER!


Choose between QUIET and OPEN modes.


The sound of performance muffler with the quiet, comfortable cruising of a stock muffler IN ONE MUFFLER!


Learn More/Watch & Listen!!

Listen to the mufflers


IMPOSTOR™ turbo muffler
Arvinode Mufflers

DCE™ Mufflers

Corvette N11 Off Road muffler


We are adding more sound / video regularly. 

Send your Waldron’s exhaust YouTube link to waldron@waldronexhaust.com


Watch Jay Leno discussing his 51 Hudson Hornet’s Waldron’s Exhaust

At Jay Leno’s Garage video with Jay Leno talking with Joe, Waldron’s Owner, about the OEM style exhaust system Waldron’s made for Jay’s 51 Hudson Hornet.




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If we do not have data or a pattern for your vehicle, we can duplicate your old part. Contact us for details!


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